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NixOS VFIO PCIe Passthrough

Over the past little while I have been using NixOS as my daily driver Linux system. Nix takes a fairly unique approach to package management and configuration and is built using its own functional programming language. If you are interested in NixOS and want to know how it works @Dje4321 has a good write up as part of her Linux one year challenge that explains it in much more detail.

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Byon August 16, 2018

Decent Discourse Tutorial - TL0 [DRAFT]

Trust level 0 (New User) is the starting trust level for all new members. Your options for what you can do are fairly limited. You are primarily limited to seeing posts and getting a feel for moving around discourse. Youll gain more permissions automatically as you spend time reading posts and interacting with other members.

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Byon August 3, 2018
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