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  • Community
    This is the community category. This category is used for anything community related
  • Hardware
    This is the hardware category. All posts about hardware can go here
  • Art and Media
    Welcome to the art and media category. Topics about music, videos, art, etc can go here
  • Gaming
    This is the gaming category. Any kind of post about gaming can go here
  • Software and Operating Systems
    This is the software and operating system category. Any thing software and operating system related can go here. Want to talk about thing X about operating system Y? then put it into category Y
  • OCD
    This is the CubedCorps catagory. This is used for discussion about the site, forum, bugs, etc.
  • Blog
    This is the blog category. All of the posts about your personal life can go here
  • Networking
    Welcome to the networking category. any posts about networking software and networking hardware can go here
  • InfoSec
    This is the infosec category. Any thing info sec can go here
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